Sunday, January 9, 2011

39 Weeks, 4 Days


We had a doctor's appointment today and I am dialated 1 cm and the cervix is very thin (doc felt his head). The baby's hearbeat sounds good, but doctor would like me to have him pretty soon in anticipation that he may be a big baby. She suggested I walk for a minimum of an hour each day this week to try for a natural induction. If Max does not come by this weekend, we will either be inducing or having a c-section on Tuesday, 1/18. Cody and I are still considering all of our options and what will be in the best interest of everyone, especially baby. Please pray for sound decision making on our part.

If you plan on being at the hospital, my suggestion is to have your bags packed and phones ready all week, but plan to be here by Tuesday. We are delivering at Kingwood Medical Center ( The delivery rooms are very small and they only allow for the father, plus one other person in the room at at time. After delivery, Cody and I get about an hour with our new arrival before they move him to the nursery for observation. We ask that during this first hour, we have some quiet time with oneanother without visitors. After this, they will move me to a recovery room down the hall and Max will join us in the room a couple hours later, which is where we will be able to have family and friends to visit. We cannot wait to celebrate this time with you and we are so greatful for our loved ones who will be there with us on this special day!

Since I didn't keep a pregnancy journal, I decided to record a few things about this experience here on my blog since I plan on printing this out for a keepsake. Read on if you like!

Favorite parts of pregnancy: Feeling baby move, planning nursery, daydreaming about baby
Most challenging parts of pregnancy: 1st trimester nausea, severely itchy skin in 2nd trimester, discomfort and no range of motion in 3rd trimester

Cravings: jalepeno poppers, chocolate, cereal, apples, and avocado

Dreams: cradling my sweet baby and the smell of baby, watching my boy grow up, taking him to swim lessons, the zoo, and watching him in extracurricular activities (whatever he loves to do)

How we decided a name: Cody has always liked the name Max and I thought it was both cute and fairly rare. Maximus reminded us of the movie Gladiator, Maximillion just didnt sound right, but Maxwell was perfect. Patrick is a family name. Many of the men in Cody's family have Patrick as their middle name, including daddy!

How Dad was feeling: Cody was first and foremost protective. He wanted to make sure I was safe, got plenty to eat, I had a safe car to drive, etc. Once he found out it was a boy, he wanted to make sure I got enough protein, so that same day we found out the sex, I came home from work to a steak dinner!

Signs of the time: President Barack Obama, Ipods and Ipads very popular, Gas costs around $2.80, Gulf Oil Spill, Harry Potter and Twilight Series, skinny jeans with big boots.

Misc/ Family Stuff: We currently have 2 chihuahuas- Jimmeny and Cricket. Jason and Tess just had baby boy Roman. We enjoy going to the dear lease in Trinity. I am working at MedCare Pediatrics and Cody works at McGlinchey Stafford.

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